18 March 2018
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  WHO Joint Programs
Collaborating with other international organizations

Huge efforts has been made in the recent years in providing a suitable ground for international collaborations further more this center itself has enough potentiality and knowledge which can be a proper base for future programs that some of them are as follow:

1. Joint programs with World Health Organization.

    a. Attending in JPRM for 3 continuous two year period and implementing ratified plans of World Health Organization in national 
       and provincial level by designing educational and research programs and co-operating with counselor and attraction of  
       expected facilities. 

    b. Co-operating in reforming health system project via educational facilities which was necessary for relevant training courses 
        that were held with collaboration of Nuffield institute of Leeds university of England and training the teachers in 
        complementary curse in Leeds University.

    c. Designing and performing educational plan of “Reforming Health System” following reforming health system project of 
        ministry of health and treatment under supervision of experts form Nuffield Institute of Leeds University and expanding it in 
        the country.

    d. Designing and performing the model “Intersectoral sharing and promoted model of health and treatment services of 
        corporations” in format of research.

    e. Implementing CBI (Community Based Initiatives) program with collaboration of ministry of health treatment and medical 

Joiner summit with reforming team of moraco’s ministry of health and probing the grounds for exchanging the knowledge and
       experience between two countries. 

    g. Holding regional workshop of EMRO with title of IMCI 

    h. Implementing MEP project

    i. Joining in expansion of KMC (Knowledge management centre) 

    j. Need assessment of Health system managers and designing and producing educational packages. 

    k. Survey, assessment and operating the e-education for managers of health system. 

2. Collaborating with other institutes 

   a. Karolinska institutes 

       i. Joint projects of final PHD students thesis of the institutes 

       ii. Holding annual summit for analyzing the progress of the project 

   b. Nuffield institute 

       i. Signing collaboration agreement for operating shared research and educational programs

   c. ILO/ITC

       i. Co-operating with ILO/ITC institute of Italy in implementing educational programs for

       ii. Managers of health system of thy country with collaboration of organizations about Human resource and project    

   d. massachusetts university

       i. holding joint summits for analyzing grounds for co-operation via video conference. 

       ii. Holding joint summits for probing research proposals via video conference.

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Joint projects with world health organization