20 November 2018
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The Effect of Swimming in Reduction of Depression in University Male Students
-  Cardiac Risk Factor Changes Through an Intensive Multifactorial Life Style Modification Program in CHD Patients: Results from a Two Year Follow Up
-  Accident Risk Behaviors of Tabriz Teenagers
-  Barriers to High Quality Peproductiv Health Services in
-  Community participation in environmental health Eastern Azerbaijan Healthy Villages project
-  Congenital anomalies in Iran a cross-sectional study on 1574 cases in the North-West of country
-  Effect of Diagnostic Brain MRI on Depression Score in Patients with Major Depression
-  Epidemiology of Food Insecurity in the North West of Iran
-  Inappropritness Admissions and Inpatients in Imam Khomeini Hospital of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
-  Incidence, survival pattern and prognosis of self-immolation a case study in Iran
-  Maternity and Child Health Care Services Delivered by Public Health Centers Compared to Health Cooperatives Iran`s Experience
-  Organizational role stress among medical school faculty members in Iran dealing with role conflict
-  Physical Activity Level of Tabriz Teenagers
- Sensitivity and specificity of a short questionnaire for food insecurity surveillance in Iran
- The Study of Health Information System Performance from Managers and Experts' Viewpoints
- The Survey of Lifestyle Girl and Boy Students Resident in Dormitories of Tehran University of Medical Sciences
- Time-To-Pregnancy in Tabriz's Women, 2004
- Tinea unguium in the North-West of Iran (1996-2004)
- Assessing Social Behaviors of High School Teenagers of Tabriz
- Assessment of Low Back Pain and Musculoskeletal Disorders
- Awareness of Aging Workers about Health Effects of Lifestyle
- Epidemiology of childhood Guillan
- The Policy Analysis on

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- Attitudes, High-Risk Behaviors and Interaction with Others in Substance Abuse in the Tabriz`s High School Students
- Cigarette Smoking among Iranian Adolescents
- Effect of Diagnostic Brain MRI on Depression Score in Patients with Major Depression
- Effectiveness of Training on Performance of Public and Private Gynecologic Service Providers in Infection Control in Iran
- Mental Health Status of Hospitals Staff in Iran
- Prevalence of obesity
- Public Private Participation
- Smoking and Lumbar Disc Degeneration
- Sporotrichosis in Iran
- The Comparison of CSSDs Section Performance in Tabriz
- The Effect of Participatory Education on Attitude of School Personnel Towards HIV
- Abnormal Spinal Curvature as a Risk Factor for Pelvic Organ Prolaps