21 September 2018
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  Managerial Consulting and Necessities

Managerial  Consulting  and  Necessities

In today,s  world various complicated issues of organizations and manufacture and service industries have changed management to one of the riskiest and most important career and responsibilities.

In internal environment of organizations managerial  variables such as individual dirversity ,different cultures variety of managerial subsystems , integration and coordination among subsystems ,profitability management ,human resource  management and dozens of among those which should be taken into consideration by managers .Beside this ,external  environment  of organizations which nowadays has strategic role in their survival and life in competitive market, consist   of various dynamic elements that each one with it,s own specific  mechanism is very effective in developing process and achieving goals of organizations and sometimes even they cause essential dangers for organizations . Complicated external atmospheres with flexible , changing and effective variables   with non-linear ,rejective and destructive changes are some of those special variables which managers are facing with in new era.

Considering the intra and interorganizational complexities and risks and problems which caused with free and competitive markets,  nowadays management has changed to one of the challenging , complicated and riskiest jobs.

It,s obvious that for overcoming these risks and managing such a complicated atmospheres and solving multidimentional problems of organizations , managers need to get software help and consultant in the form of suggestive plans or case solutions for tackling sophisticated issues .

Referring  to scientific texts about organizational development –OD demonstrates that presence of managerial consultant in different specialized fields is one of the essential needs of organizations .

Moreover in processing and operating strategic plans ,executive projects ,transformational programs ,structural and organizational changes ,management of human resources and other similar cases ,presence of consultant and his organized leading along with senior manager of systems is necessary and inevitable.

Considering  above mentioned necessities and regarding  deficiencies in effective and efficient management in health system of country ,management consulting is one of the most prominent missions of NPMC  and it’s ready to provide all health and treatment organizations with managerial consulting services in different specialized fields .

Managerial consulting services of NPMC

For accomplishing it’s mission for improving health and treatment systems via managerial consulting ,MPMC offers these managerial consulting  with collaboration of academic staffs and well-experienced experts :

1.Offering managerial consulting  and guidance for case problems of managers

2.Offering consulting in designing different managerial software like strategic  plans ,operational projects ,structural designing and organizing.

3.attending in organizations as a change agent ,that means leading plans along with other senior managers of organizations and accepting responsibility of change and development plans.