25 September 2018
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Training programmes of NPMC are performed by the aim of capacity building and performance improvement in health system managers and staff, both in national and provincial levels. More than 300 national training courses and provincial programmes have taken place for health system workers over the last two years only. NPMC is also a unique centre for in-service health training courses in the area. As part of NPMC's national role in the routine training programmes of the Ministry of Health, we have conducted 23 courses and workshops for the ministerial administrative and managerial staff over the last year. Beginning from 2008, NPMC has been requested to supply/provide educational and training packages in Health sector reform, Health planning, Monitoring and evaluation, Competency based human resource management, Strategic planning, Clinical governance and health financing. NPMC is now a unique centre offering PhD degree and certificated courses in its field of activities accepting students both from national and international levels. For Training /educational purposes, some memorandums of understanding have been agreed/signed between NPMC and other organizations at international, national and regional levels including:

• Nuffield Institute (UK)
• University of Massachusetts (USA)
• Karolinska Institute (Sweden) University of Bradford (UK)
• University of Queensland (Australia)

• Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (Iran)
• Kerman University of Medical Sciences (Iran)
• Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences (Iran)
• Zahedan University of Medical Sciences (Iran)
• Iranian Evidence Based Medicine center (Iran)

• Logistic Deputy of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
• Province Health Center
• Treatment Deputy of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
• Tabriz Municipality
• East Azerbaijan Governance Organization
• Private Hospitals
• Research Deputy of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
• Education and Development Centre (EDC)