21 September 2018
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  On going research

1- The use of health Belief Model about prevention of breast cancer in women referring to health centers of tabriz 2007

2- Improve quality of the process of student field work in faculty of health and nutrition tabriz medical sciences university using
    6 sigma

3- The effectiveness of education on knowledge(awareness) attitude and practice about cervix cancer in tabriz women

4- Promotion "Quality of life " in menopausal women through CBI

5- The views of general practitioners toward quality of continuing medical education programs Tabriz 1388

6- Survey of burnout and its associated factors in the nurses of Tabriz hospitals and providing approaches for controlling and
    reducing of burnout 2009

7- Assessment of quality of delivered care from the perspective of people with Type 2 diabetes and appropriate interventions to  
    improve quality of care in East Azerbaijan IRAN

8- The survey on the relationship between domestic violence ،internet addiction and some demographic characteristics with
     communication skills in high school students of Tabriz 2009

9- Improving quality of delivered services in physiotherapy clinic in rehabilitation faculty of Tabriz University of medical sciences in

10- Improving quality of maternity care from the perspective of pregnant women in tabriz

11- A study factores of effective in development of medical tourism from view point of patients and physicians ،nurses ، hospital
     mangers and tourism organization experts in Tabriz city

12- The survey of prevalence and pattern of using of headphone and music player devices as a risk factor of noise-indused hearing
      loss in the adolescents, 2011

13- The relationship between social and quality of life in region northwest in tabriz city 2010

14- Preconception care to improve nenatal-maternal health in rural areas of tabriz

15- Effect of maternal mental health care during pregnancy on infant-mother conditions in tabriz

16- Correlation between physical growth and self concept of schoolage children in tabriz