27 May 2018
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In 24 February 2013 , National Public Health management Center has been designated as a WHO collaborating center for Training and Research on health management .

According to the WHO definition, a Collaborating Centre is:

"an institution designated by the Director-General of WHO to form part of an inter-institutional collaborative network set up by WHO in support of its programme at the country, intercountry, regional, interregional and global levels, as appropriate. But there is more to it than that. In line with the WHO policy and strategy of technical cooperation, a WHO collaborating centre must also participate in the strengthening of country resources, in terms of information, services, research and training, in support of national health development."

Functional scope of WHOccs

• Collection, collation and dissemination of information.
• Standardization of terminology and nomenclature, of technology, of diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic substances, and of 
  methods and procedures.
• Participation in collaborative research developed under the Organization's leadership, including the planning, conduct, monitoring
   and evaluation of research, as well as promotion of the application of the results of research.
• Training, including research training.
• The coordination of activities carried out by several institutions on a given subject.
• Capacity-building work at country level.