25 September 2018
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News/ WHO Representative in Iran Visited TUOMS                            
      Dr. Sameen Siddiqi, WHO representative in Iran, visited National Public-health Management Center (NPMC) of Tabriz
2016 Thursday 04 Aug
News/ March issue of the WHO Bulletin                            
2015 Sunday 08 Mar
News/ ANNOUNCING: WHO Sondalo Training course on TB and TB/HIV management and control, Italy: 2015 traini                            
2015 Saturday 24 Jan
News/ Web-cast on the launch of the Second WHO Global Status Report on NCDs                            
2015 Saturday 24 Jan
News/ WHO Officials Visited Tabriz University of Medical Sciences                            
2014 Tuesday 21 Oct
Pages/ Introduction                            
      NPMC Introduction
2011 Wednesday 06 Jul